This is a series of Augmented Reality experiment I did since the release of ARKit 3 with new people occlusion and body tracking feature. I think it's really a breakthrough being able to segment human body and know the depth, enabling us to interact with virtual object on a whole new different level.

When the depth of the virtual object and the depth of human body get aligned, we can detect if there's intersection between these two parts, and thus detecting TOUCH. Touching a virtual object brings and it reacts to you is the future of Augmented Reality.

By getting the segmentation and depth of human body, we can freeze your bodies in 3d space and leave a trail behind you. We can also easily cut people out from the reality and put them into a virtual space / video game.

Revealing the image by waving in front of the camera. The body parts can act like a brush or other media.

Taking the app for a ride at the rock climbing gym.​  |  Tel: 347-415-9498