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Dali Lives is a groundbreaking experience available exclusively at The Dali Museum at it celebrates Dali's art and legacy.

Imagine legendary surrealist artist Salvador Dali personally welcoming you to the museum, talking about the motivations behind his masterpieces, and even sharing observations on current events.

Using an artificial intelligence based cutting edge technique, the new "Dali Lives" experience employs machine learning to create a version of Dali's likeness. The technique is popular known as "Deepfake". This is the first time a museum has applied AI to bring an artist back to life. It's an amazing example of art meeting artificial intelligence, and showcases the possibilities created by this sometimes controversial technique.

Dali Museum

St Petersburg, Florida, USA

I worked on this project as a tech lead. We created a very unique experience for each visitor - Dali talks about different things based on weather and date. He also reads everyday's newspaper, as we pull the front page of Tampa Bay Times and swap out the newspaper everyday. He takes selfie with people and offers to send them their pictures. For more technical details I wrote a post with Derivative to talk about the structure of the software and how it's actually done in TouchDesigner.

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